The KL1100 RFID lock is the latest addition to the KitLock by Codelocks range of locker locks. Featuring a stylish, slimline front plate the KL1100 gives any environment a modern, contemporary feel. 




Private and
Public Functions

Smart card
access control

override code


Choose between offline or cloud based software options to configure your locks and cards. The KL1100 is perfect for applications with a large quantity of lockers that would benefit from issuing and managing Card Clients from reception desks, for example, gyms, leisure centres, hospitals, hotels, schools and universities.

The KL1100 is easy to install, operate and manage, featuring a powered latch enabling intuitive ‘push shut’ closing.
Available in a Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finish.


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Standalone Mode requires a Keypad Programmer (sold seperately) for adding/deleting cards and managing functions of the lock.

- Locally manage individual locks
- Support Private and Public Functions
- Master Card
- Up to 50 User Cards per lock
- Up to 10 Technician Cards per lock


Remote Card Authorisation (RCA) Mode offers remote management allowing Card Clients to be created and managed via offline or cloud based software and a USB Card Reader.

- Remotely manage individual or a group of locks
- Supports Private and Public Functions
- Up to 250 locks within a lock group
- Master Card and Technician Cards
- Multiple User Cards per lock





Auto-Unlock at a set Time (Public)
Configure the lock to automatically unlock at a predefined time. 

Maximum Locked Period (Public)
Configure the lock to automatically unlock after a predefined period.

Dual Authorisation (Private)
Two authorised User or Technician Cards must be presented within 5 seconds of each other to retract the latch.

Override Code
A 4 digit code that allows emergency access in the event of the Master Card being unavailable. It is recommended an Override Code is created during set up. Programmer required.





Smart Cards
13.56MHz RFID Smart Cards, sold in multiples of 10.

One programmer can be shared amongst a group of locks. The Programmer is sold separately.

Smart Card Reader
A compatible USB Card Reader is included as standard with all purchases of a software license.

ADA Pull Handle
Optional pull handle available for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). US only.





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