KitLock brings flexibility to cabinet access at Peer 1 data centres

Peer 1 Hosting provides a range of data centre services including managed hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and cloud computing. 

Colocation services are offered at Peer 1 data centres equipped and configured to allow secure client cabinet access to racks and cages. Peer 1’s customers lease the server cabinets and cages, and manage their own hardware. Peer 1 has state-of-the-art colocation facilities in 10 major city centres across North America and Europe. 

Peer 1’s Data Centre Operations Manager, Mike Duncan, is responsible for making sure that each server cabinet is securely locked and inaccessible to other colocation clients. Before using KitLock digital locks, each cabinet was locked with a bespoke padlock and key.



Peer 1


“To control access from the outside, we use high-tech security solutions. Yet on the inside we still used old-fashioned padlocks and keys,” explains Mr Duncan. “At full capacity our data centres could have up to a thousand locked cabinets and that’s a huge number of keys to manage and find space for”. 

“The feedback from customers was also negative. Many of their technicians and service support staff forgot to bring the padlock key with them when they visited the data centre. So while they were able to enter the building with biometric access control, they were not able to get instant access to their cabinet. If a customer forgets their padlock key, they have to wait while a Peer 1 member of staff locates the master key and opens the cabinet for them. When the customer is finished, the cabinet is relocked and the key safely stored. Not only does this slow the customer down, but it also costs them money as there is a charge for our time.” 

“Our customers also told us that the problem wouldn’t be so bad if keys were not forgotten or lost on such a regular basis. If a key is lost, often the customers choose to replace the entire locking system, again this is an additional cost but necessary in order to maintain security.”


Peer 1 Hosting decided to look for a more modern and functional alternative to the padlocks – one that would allow their customers to have greater control of access to their own hardware inside the building.



Go Keyless With KitLock

KitLock KL1200 is a keyless digital lock designed specifically for securing cabinets and lockers. It provides simple keypad access without the hassle of keys. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad. With KitLock, an eight-digit Master Code can be used to easily delete and reset the access codes. A KitLock KL1200 provides 50,000 openings from just two AAA batteries.


“One of my colleagues started looking online for keyless cabinet locks, and found the KitLock website,” said Mr Duncan. “The KitLock 1200 exactly matched our requirements in terms of functionality, so we decided to retrofit all of the cabinets installed at our data centre with this product.”



Positive Feedback


“Due to the sensitivity of the equipment in the cabinets, we keep a record of the Master Codes for each KitLock, and customers maintain their own access codes,” added Mr Duncan. “If a customer forgets their code, we can generate a new one at the touch of a button and without incurring any additional costs. Customers are much happier with the new system, it’s far less time consuming and I don’t have to worry about keys anymore!”


Regular access code changes will ensure that a KitLock remains effective and will deter codes from being misused or passed on.


“Codelocks has been super-helpful throughout the whole process, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them,” continued Mr Duncan. “They added our logo to the lock handles and changed the factory-set Master Codes on all of the locks before they were shipped to us, which significantly speeds up the installation process.”


KitLock is a Codelocks Ltd brand. Codelocks is an innovative designer and manufacturer of electronic push-button locks for doors, cabinets and lockers.


07, Jan 2014

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