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Mobile Locker deliver high quality, innovative and customised lockers for festivals, events, beaches, ski resorts and shopping centres, as well as permanent lockers linked to smart services for e-commerce and parcel delivery. Today, Mobile Locker predominately operates at festivals throughout Europe including Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and the UK.

Whilst on a beach in Spain, co-founder Jef van Hyfte thought up the concept when he didn’t have anywhere to store his belongings. “We felt that the traditional market needed a new impulse and so we drew up a detailed USP model where users could charge their mobile phones in the locker, pay without using cash and use solar panels for energy,” Jef explains. 



The A-list for entry

Mobile Locker approached Codelocks looking for an easy to use, standalone access control solution for use at festivals. With lockers located in busy, but remote areas, access to WiFi is a challenge.

It is important Mobile Locker provide festival-goers with a safe place to store their belongings for different time periods. Having a system that removes the need for coins and allows users temporary access to the lockers at a specified start date, time and duration, without wireless connectivity, is essential.

Quick access to the lockers is also essential as Mobile Locker wants to provide its clients and their locker users with a solution that helps to reduce queuing time. 



"We looked at all the locks available on the market and it was Codelock’s NetCode feature that won it for us"



The ultimate experience

Ideal for rental applications, Codelocks recommended its KitLock by Codelocks KL1000 NetCode locker lock as the best solution for Mobile Locker’s requirements. It offers remote code generation via the online NetCode portal or by using the Codelocks Application Programming Interface (API).

NetCode integrates perfectly with Mobile Locker’s existing online booking system in conjunction with Codelocks’ API, offering complete convenience and flexibility. A locker can be rented for a day, or for a set number of hours, whichever is preferred. When users rent a locker, NetCode’s high speed processing time means less queues, allowing festival goers to spend more time enjoying the festival.



Lockers can be reserved online in advance or booked at the event, and the codes are sent via email or SMS. Once the code expires, the locker is ready for the next user.

A 7-digit NetCode provides festival-goers with hassle free locker access, enhancing their festival experience – they can charge their mobile phones in a locker whilst they enjoy the festival.

Event organisers can download data and track, in real-time, the number of lockers that are rented or available, and can also determine which type of locker is being used the most – useful when monitoring and analysing locker performance and budgeting for future events.

Co-founder Koen Mortelmans explains that as a high-tech company, Mobile Locker needed a lock that offered more than just a normal pin code; “We looked at all the locks available on the market and it was Codelock’s NetCode feature that won it for us. NetCode is easy to use and provides less work for our employees, as codes can be generated online instead of manually at the lock – they can now spend their time more productively.”



"We absolutely love NetCode, it is a smart way for clients to manage access 24/7 without the need for personnel"



About the KL1000 NetCode

The KL1000 NetCode is a durable, electronic locker lock that is a popular choice for short-term, multi-occupancy applications. Simple to install and set up, codes can be created and managed via the online NetCode portal or Codelocks API, making it easy for staff to control.

NetCode is the smart way to generate time-sensitive codes for a wide range of lockers and cabinets. Using time-sensitive codes is a more convenient way to grant access as the code will not work outside a designated timeslot.



Access all areas

Mobile Locker’s primary objective is to provide event organisers, facilities staff and festival attendees with a secure place to store their belongings, helping to combat possessions being damaged or stolen.

The locks’ NetCode feature enables Mobile Locker to grant users access without staff being present and provides festival-goers with a seamless, hassle-free experience where they can use the lockers at their convenience. Keyless access also eliminates the risk of users losing keys and staff spending time managing locker access.

“We absolutely love NetCode, it is a smart way for clients to manage access 24/7 without the need for personnel. It offers complete control and convenience and that’s why we have KL1000 NetCode KitLock’s installed on our mobile lockers.”


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21, Jan 2020