HealthCity invests in KitLock to ease locker key burden

HealthCity International is a chain of 200 luxurious sports and fitness clubs located throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Spain and Italy. Under expert guidance from a personal trainer, all members of HealthCity are encouraged to adopt a positive attitude in order to achieve their fitness goals. Each club is fitted out with the latest equipment and has an extensive range of fitness classes available. All the changing rooms are spacious and modern. 



Too Many Keys

Managing locker keys can be problematic and time consuming for any gym, but with thousands of lockers to look after, managers at HealthCity were spending far too much time and money sorting out issues with keys. They asked Paul Rinket, an Interior Architect at Trivium Interieurontwerp to help. 


“With such a high number of lockers to manage, it was getting to the stage where HealthCity could have employed somebody just to look after the locks!” explained Mr Rinket. “We estimated that at any one time about 5% of HealthCity’s lockers were out of action due to missing or broken keys. And, as it was starting to have an impact on its members, I was asked to look for a solution that’s much more convenient to manage on a large scale.”


Bring in KitLock 

KitLock KL1200 is an electronic lock designed specifically for securing changing room lockers. Fitted in place of a standard cam lock, it provides simple keypad access without the hassle of keys, coins or tokens. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad. Members simply enter a user code, then ‘lock and go’; free to enjoy the gym without having to carry a key around with them. 


“I initially came across KitLock keyless locker locks at FIBO in Essen, in 2011, so I contacted the company and requested a sample for HealthCity to try. When it arrived, the lock took about 10 minutes to install, this compared to 30 minutes for another brand we tried. With so many lockers to update, we also needed to select a digital lock with a sufficiently long battery life; otherwise we’d be continually changing batteries. The KitLock KL1200 provides 50,000 openings from just two AAA batteries, so it was perfect for our requirements. We initially ordered 200 for HealthCity in Merksem, Belgium.”


Instant Access

Each KitLock comes pre-programmed with a factory-set master code. This code can be used to open the lock, change the master code, set, change or delete the user code and activate/deactivate the technician code. The factory-set master code is usually changed immediately after fitting. 


“With so many lockers to fit, we ordered the KitLock locker locks to be shipped with our master and technician code already programmed, which significantly sped up the installation process. Once the locks were installed, they were ready to use and the club members are really pleased with the results. 

Occasionally a club member forgets their code, but getting access to the locked locker is easy – a member of staff simply keys in the technician code, a process far easier than having to retrieve a master key, or break into the locker.

From a management point of view the new locks are much more convenient to use, and after the successful installation at HealthCity in Merksem, we ordered a further 700 for Antwerp, Hoofddorp and Essen.”


09, Oct 2013

KL1200 KitLock Locker Lock

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