Champneys Health Spa Resorts go keyless


Champneys Health Spa Resort has four luxury health spa resorts in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire and Hampshire. Guests at Champneys resorts can relax in luxurious accommodation, be pampered with the finest beauty treatments and enjoy a wide range of fitness and relaxation classes. Each resort has a well-equipped gym, 25m swimming pool, sauna and steam room. Champneys has over 2,800 spa members who are regular users of the facilities.


The Trouble With Keys

Before using KitLock, Champneys guests had to secure their changing room locker key to their wrists using a key chain. As many guests wear a robe to relax in whilst waiting for treatments and, as the key chain was awkward to wear on the wrist all day, very often guests would leave their key chains in their robe pockets and many of them ended up getting lost.


"The locker key and key chain kept coming up in guest questionnaires, so we knew our guests found them annoying to carry around all day,” explained Alex De Carvalho, Managing Director at Champneys. “Also, misplaced keys were expensive to keep replacing on a regular basis so we knew a more permanent solution was needed.”


Goodbye Keys, Hello KitLock

Champneys decided to remove the key-operated locks from all of their changing room lockers and replace them with KitLock cabinet locks instead. KitLock is a digital cabinet lock ideal for replacing traditional key cam locks supplied with many lockers. It uses a four-digit code rather than a key to operate and secure the locker. Guests simply enter a code, “lock and go”. They are then free to enjoy the facilities without having to carry a key around with them.


A More Secure Option

The KitLock solution is more professional and, from a guest perspective, the lockers are now far more secure as keys are not left lying around in robe pockets,” said Alex. “It’s a smarter way to control the lockers and, to a certain extent, it takes the duty of care away from us, as the guests are responsible for using the lockers and selecting their own codes. And they look good too.”


Champneys has placed instructions on the back of every locker door so that guests can operate the new keypad locks correctly. Members of the fitness team are able to open all the lockers at the end of each day, just to check that property is not left inside overnight, ensuring the lockers are free for use again in the morning.


How Does a KitLock Operate?

The lock is ideal for use on lockers used for short-term occupancy, as they are in many changing rooms facilities. In ‘locker-mode’ function, the lock operates with a single-use code setting facility. The guest enters a four-digit code, that will lock and open the locker only once, then be erased. The locker then remains open until another guest uses it again.

When a locker is available, the lever handle will be in the open position. The guest opens the locker door, places items inside the locker and closes the door. The lever is turned to the closed position and the guest enters a four-digit PIN code. A beep is audible for every button pressed. The blue LED will flash after the last digit; the new code is now accepted. A red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use.

To re-open the locker the guest enters the four-digit code and turns the lever to the open position, ready for the next guest to use.


Training by Codelocks

KitLock digital cabinet locks are available to order from Codelocks. Codelocks trained Champneys’ maintenance team to help them install and programme the locks.


Our maintenance team installed all the locks themselves,” said Alex. “It’s a relatively straightforward and easy job that took about 10-15 minutes per locker.”


The installation process involves removing the existing cam lock from the locker and then making an additional top fixing for the KitLock. Once in place, a KitLock will perform 50,000 openings on just two AAA batteries.



25, Feb 2013

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