New KL1100 RFID KitLock

The new KL1100 RFID from KitLock by Codelocks is a stylish, smart card operated lock designed for both public and private lockers. Operating in Standalone or Remote Card Authorisation (RCA) Mode, it is ideal for leisure centres, universities and offices looking to enhance or upgrade their facilities.

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Changing the Game

Codelocks worked with LOKnCHARGE to develop an online portal where anyone can book and pay for a locker in advance. By using the KitLock KL1000 NetCode, a four-digit code can be obtained by a future user with a specific start date, time and duration, resulting in an easy and self-sufficient solution. 

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About Kitlock by Codelocks

KitLock is a stylish and convenient alternative to traditional locks and keys offering keypad and smartcard options to secure lockers and cabinets. The KitLock NetCode and Smart ranges offer online access code generation and API access for third-party integration.

KitLock keyless locks are favoured by facilities, estates or maintenance managers and caretakers of schools, universities, hospitals, data centres, gyms, leisure centres, sports and fitness clubs, for whom key management can present significant issues due to the number that get lost.

KitLock is a brand of electronic locker and cabinet locks manufactured by Codelocks. Founded in 1990, Codelocks has sales, support and warehousing in the UK, US, China and Australia. KitLock products are also available through a worldwide network of distributors or directly through the KitLock website.